Om Oss

Because is a small family business that was started as a hobby by me, Maja Sandell, a number of years ago. With an academic background in a completely different field, I was often faced with the question why should I run a women's store? Is fashion so important or another clothing store when there are already so many? I used to answer this laughingly with the fact that it matters, Because Fashion Matters! Soon it became so accepted that it became the name of the store.



Because is a women's shop with a lovely mix of clothes, shoes and accessories, today located in the heart of Östermalm in Stockholm, at Sibyllegatan 41. Our garments have exclusive designs from international brands but also from small-scale newly discovered ateliers. In this way, we created our own profile, which is known for its small scale, i.e. a hand-picked selection with a unique personal twist. I have confidence in my sense of fine fabric, well-tailored garments, fine details and always start from what I personally think looks good. With some suppliers, I myself get the opportunity to choose the fabric and model as well as the number of garments to be manufactured just for Because. That the garments are manufactured under decent conditions feels very important to me!

Treating yourself to a silk dress or a soft cashmere sweater is something every woman deserves! It is also a way to enjoy life and add a golden edge to existence. Treat yourself to some time and browse through our photos and you might find something unique and unexpected that has your name on it, so to speak! Because Fashion Matters